The Art of Conscious Breathing

The Art of Conscious Breathing: Breath is Life!

The quality of your breathing directly influences the quality of your life and odds are your breathing is not nearly as efficient as it could be. The experience of routine stress, anxiety, injury, developmental or other traumatic events, even birth, can create deep holding patterns in the body which limit your life-force and dampen your spirit.

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…….Breath Work is Tantric Meditation

One way the subconscious attempts to ameliorate stress is to limit breathing. Ironically, this results in the freezing and storing of these experiences as somatic memory (body centered memory) . We experience reduced energy and ardor for life, often without even realizing it.

Conscious Breathing (aka rebirthing, pranayam, holotropic breathwork) derives its techniques from ancient Yogic and Taoist systems such as Pranayama, T’ai Chi, and Qi Gong breathing. This course / session will introduce us to methods that will:

• Reverse the effects of accumulated stress and trauma.

• Begin to remove obstructions in the flow of one’s vital energy.

• Increase our life-force by drawing on the energy (Chi, Prana) surrounding us at all times.

• Purify your mind and body.

• Increase integration, well being, peace of mind, and mind-body mastery.

• Give you an increased ability to contend with life’s challenges and to fully enjoy its delights.

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“The workshop was fulfilling, rewarding. The breath work was extremely supportive…”

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  1. Inner-Tranquility » Blog Archive » Sea of Chi, Sex, and Enlightenment Says:

    […] Breath Coaching can be ideal for someone who is ready to surrender his or her spiritually maladaptive patterns. During this process, the coach and trainee work with both the seat of personal power, and the seat of Spiritual Surrender i.e., the Tan Tien, Solar Plexus, and Heart Chakras. One does not lose even one quantum of personal power, but the software applications governing its use and intention may change. This transforms self centeredness, victim / victimizer consciousness, and stubborn attachments to ego patterns into an empowering surrender to the Flow of Tao. What is perceived as surrender by some is in actuality allowing yourself to be carried into the power of Universal Flow while generating empathy, gratitude, and compassion as a natural consequence. I think you can see how this would be important for both spiritual progress and healthy, dynamic interpersonal and sexual relationships. (See, The 3rd Chakra and the Spiritual Purpose of Power, parts 1-6) […]