When we include T’ai Chi, the various form of Qi Gong (Tantric Qigong, Chi Kung, Chi Gong Chi Gung), and Taoist Sexology, this tradition encompasses all of the important Yogic techniques while adding Taoist grounding technology. Taoist Grounding gives us access to the tremendous strength and stability of the planet. It allows us to become a spiritual warrior, affording us the empowerment to deal with our own internal demons and external stresses. We can have our cake and eat it too: becoming able to reach the heights of spiritual bliss while walking in the world.

yin yang, tantric qigong, t'ai chi. i ching, baqua, 8 treasures, qigong, eight section brocade, taoism, taoist tantra, kundalini, sexologyTaoism does differ greatly with some teachers of Tantrism in its approach to processing Karma. While some techniques encourage cathartic emotional release, Taoism recognizes that this approach has little long-term benefit for most people, and can actually be harmful. The Taoist call it “circling the Midplane” Aggressive energy stimulation for catharsis is predicated on:

1. Activating primal energy (Qi, Chi, Kundalini) and directing it towards emotional patterns,

2. Fully releasing this energy physically, emotionally, and mentally, and

3. Being able to hold “Witness Consciousness” to observe yourself re-experiencing a given pattern and how it has affected and controlled your life.

This is a tall order and unlikely for the practitioner to be truly successful at. Although the catharsis can feel effective, even blissful immediately afterward, the patterns tend to re-assert themselves over the long haul. If you have one unit of ability to release and witness, and you activate 3 units of emotional trauma, you have effectively reinforced the karmic pattern by a factor of 2. Recognizing that often “less is more,” Taoism tends toward working on grounding and strengthening empowerment while allowing karmic patterns to rise into consciousness more gently and naturally. The BodyMind can then more easily witness and integrate this experiential knowledge without the potential perils of a more aggressive energetic assault.(c) 2006 Keith E. Hall. All rights reserved.

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