Tantric Qi Gong: FAQ

Tantric Qi Gong: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Tantric Qigong?
A. Tantric Qigong (or Chi Kung, Chi Gong) draws on traditional techniques of Taoist, Tantra, and Yogic practices. These practices, which have remained secret for millennia, have been revised to make them more accessible and efficacious for today’s world.

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A. Not really. Loose clothing such a sweat suit or yoga pants are desirable, as is a floor mat or blanket.

Q. I feel that I am so busy that I don’t have the time to incorporate anything new in my life.
A. Once learned, the 8 Treasures Tantric Qi Gong exercises can be performed in as little as 10 minutes.

Q. How long are the classes?
A. Beginner classes can meet for 60 to 90 minutes for 7 to 8 sessions. Intensive workshops can be presented in a 1/2 or 1 day format.

Q. When is the best time to practice?
A. Traditional times are in the morning and in the evening. For today’s harried professionals, a few minutes at lunchtime can make a big difference in one’s workday.

Q. Do I need a special place to perform the exercises?
A. No. Almost any place indoors or out will do. On average, a 3 foot by 6 foot space will be sufficient.

Q. Are the exercises aerobic?
A. Tantric Qi Gong can be characterized as “non-impact” aerobic exercise. There are strong cardiovascular benefits with little risk of injury. The 8 Treasures use the mind to effect positive physical and emotional changes, in this system there is no need to stress the body to achieve these benefits.

Q. I play a competitive sport, is it worth my while to incorporate these exercises in my training?
A. Yes! Tantric Qi Gong is a good warm up and cool down for more strenuous exercise. The exercises increase circulation, respiratory capacity, and oxygenation of the muscular and nervous systems, yet are not fatiguing at all. In addition, Tantric Qigong presents a forum for mental discipline similar to Zen (Zen tennis, Zen Golf, Zen archery, Zen basketball, etc.) increasing mental acuity, focus, and overall awareness. It has been said that Tiger Woods practices qigong.

Q. I am under quite a bit of stress, can Tantric Qi Gong help?
A. Stress, whether at work or at home, is a complex “parfait” of emotions under pressure. Regardless of their origins, Tantric Qi Gong helps the mind and body let go of these destructive reactions and creates a more calm, centered, alert, and efficient mind set.

Q. The advent of terrorism, rise in urban violence, and economic recession have made me much more anxious than in the past, what can this system do to help me feel more secure?
A. The sense of personal security is a balance of external and internal factors. Tantric Qigong begins by creating an awareness of internal balance in our bodies, minds, and emotions. We then extend this awareness through our senses to the external world. This sphere of heightened discernment and personal empowerment produces greater physical and emotional security. The reality is that we are much more likely to be harmed by a degenerative disease associated with chronic stress than any other external factor. Powerfully increasing our internal poise and self control reduces both the false perception of a threat, and the concomitant anxiety / stress reaction.

Q. I work in an office, and my work does not require physical exertion, yet after a few hours I feel fatigued and lethargic. Just having a cup of coffee no longer seems to work as well as it used to. How can this be counteracted?

A. It is well known that the combination of sedentary (desk bound) work habits, fluorescent lighting, stress, and computer radiation has a deleterious effect. In Qigong, we say that you are suffering from a depletion of energy or Chi (Qi). A few minutes of Eight Treasures Tantric Qigong will restore your energy without the aftereffects of caffeine. You can also use our 1 Minute Stress Manager and Relax! At the Beach: Manage Stress at Work and Home programs on CD or for download.

Q. I have a medical condition, is it wise to take this class?
A. Of course, one should always check with their physician before starting any exercise program. The exercises themselves are very gentle, yet invigorating.

Q. I have allergies, will this program help relieve them?
A. Allergies are often exacerbated by stress, so it is likely that these easy exercises could ameliorate such conditions, check with your physician.

Q. I am in therapy and I am wondering if Tantric Qi Gong could be a good adjunct to my treatment plan?
A. Tantric Qigong uses the body and breath to effect a calm mental and emotional state, so yes; it would seem to be helpful. Check with your therapist or counselor.

Q. Is this just another system of New Age psychobabble?
A. No. Qi Gong is an ancient, traditional Chinese discipline. At the height of China’s world influence, it was customarily taught to the military and medical professions, among others.

Q. I have a friend who would like to learn Qigong, but is confined to a wheel chair.
A. The exercises can be modified so that they can be performed while sitting.

Q. A relative of mine is elderly and mentally a little sluggish, can they learn Tantric Qi Gong and would it be of benefit?
A. Yes! Often the elderly have immediate noticeable benefits. A caregiver (staff member if institutionalized) can be trained to lead the exercises daily. Routine daily performance of the exercises leads to long term benefits.

Q. Is this type of exercise suitable for children?
A. Anyone who is able and willing to follow directions can perform these gentle exercises.

Q. I do physical therapy and massage therapy, are there advantages for myself or my clients?
A. For the caregiver and massage therapist, Tantric Qi Gong creates and distributes more vital life force. Body alignment allows your energy to flow unimpeded through your body. You will experience less fatigue, biomechanical or mental stress, and your clients will notice a superior quality to your treatments.

Q. I wonder if learning this discipline would conflict with my strict religious beliefs?
A. Though many people feel Tantric Qigong has a spiritual component, it is not a religion any more than jogging or swimming is. Copyright 2002-2009 Keith E. Hall Inner-Tranquility.com . All rights reserved.

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