Tantrism represents a path to higher self awareness and personal development, and an openness and safety regarding one’s self realization that is badly needed to heal our psycho-spiritual selves, focusing on self-actualization and spiritual awakening.

It is perfectly possible, if one fully utilizes the resources offered to achieve the mystical states described in the scriptures of various spiritual traditions and even attain Enlightenment!

To be successful at this, given the ever increasing speed at which our world is moving, we must consider a carefully balanced and efficient commitment to fully enrolling and unifying the mind, body, emotions, and spirit in self-realization.

We offer coaching, articles, and resources to help you on this spiritual path.

Meditation CDs & Aromatherapy

Instruction and Coaching

The Benefits of Tantric Qigong

Qigong and Blood Pressure

Qigong and Immunity

Qigong, Osteoporosis and Bone Density

Qigong, Immunity, and Influenza

Qigong and Fibromyalgia

Qigong, T’ai Chi, and Menopause

Fibromyalgia, T’ai Chi and Qigong

Plantar Fasciitis, Fibromyalgia, Tai Chi & Qigong

10 Minutes to a Healthier You

Qigong For Drug Addiction

Tantric Qigong, Mindfulness, and Flow

Tantric Qi Gong: FAQ

Tantric Qigong, Taiji (T’ai Chi), MS and the Immune System

What is Qigong?

The Origins and History of Qigong

Tantrism and Enlightenment

Red  and White Tantrism

Taoism and Kundalini Yoga

Spiritual Awakening

Babaji’s Cobra Breath

Meet Your Spiritual Soul Mate!





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