Spiritual Humor

On Spiritual Humor

Some statistics say that 80% or more of Americans hold religious beliefs. This seems like a very high percentage, one of the highest among industrialized nations. We take our religion very seriously. Perhaps too seriously. It would seem that perhaps we are a little deficient in our ability to take a lighter look at our beliefs.

Bill Maher is toast to the religious right.

Bill Maher is toast to the religious right.

An indirect proof of this occurred when I went to Blockbuster to try and rent Religulous, the religious rant Divinely revealed through Bill Maher. Turns out that while they stocked entire walls with the latest craptastic Hollywood releases, they only had a handful of copies of Religulous. It’s just not funny to most Americans.

Though it is true that a little of Maher ‘s brand of snarky humor can go a looooooong way, I kind of like him. However, Atheism is one of the most severe and dogmatic religions.

Having a good laugh at ourselves is perhaps one of the most sure signs of spiritual evolution. Certainly if you take an objective look at it, many of the things humans take so seriously are a bit odd. And demonstrably hilarious.

Serious Buddhists

Serious Buddhists

While joy is regarded as a desirable benefit to spiritual practice, often humor is treated as its slightly embarrassing bachelor uncle. We are so damn serious about ourselves we have to take Laughing Yoga courses to remind ourselves how to laugh. Serious business, this Laughing Yoga. Please pre-register.

It would seem to me that one can and should be seriously committed to a spiritual practice and yet able to have some fun with yourself, even at your own “expense.” Do it before someone else “commits” you. Seriously.

In this light, I offer a collection of spiritual and religious jokes and humor. Some are really funny, some slightly lame, but you can groan and still laugh. Might be good for your breathing.

If you have a good one, send it to me and I will post it.

Lighten up! Remember, “A belly laugh a day keeps the psychotherapist at bay.”

Judeo-Christian Humor

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