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Qigong for Self Mastery Classes

A complete system for Wellness, Self Mastery & Awakening
8 weekly classes, Olney Maryland & other areas.

Learn how to improve your health and well being in as little as 10 minutes a day!
Boost Immunity, Rejuvenate, Accelerate Self-Mastery & Create Serenity Within.

The 8 Treasures system of Tantric Qigong can be learned by almost anyone, regardless of his or her physical condition. Practicing these simple exercises results in increased vitality, flexibility, mental focus, and alertness. Tantric Qigong will noticeably reduce stress levels, and is a gentle non-impact aerobics routine for cardiac and respiratory health.

The class will employ elements of Taoist and Bioenergetic practices. Classes also include aspects of T'ai Chi, pranayama (conscious breathing) and meditation for creating a relaxed body and mind. You will learn to develop your vital energy and personal power to nourish your mental, physical, and spiritual health. Upon completion, you will be eligible for certification.

The Learning stages of Tantric Qi Gong include:
• Relaxing & aligning the body
• Controlling the breath
• Focusing the mind-Transmuting the emotions
• Moving the Chi
• Development of the Spirit
Tuition (8 classes): $149, includes training manual.

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