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The Power of Self Responsibility - Complete

This is the complete Power of Self Responsibility Program: podcast article, short, medium, and extended length affirmations, and soothing music.

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How to Use this Audio Program

This Audio program is intended to support you in reclaiming your personal power through owning responsibility for your mind, body, and emotions. A spiritual Warrior claims his / her responsibility for their experience, whatever it may be. A victim always blames others. Self responsibility is a significant step on the path to Self Mastery and Liberation.

It is desirable to be in a meditative state to fully receive these affirmations. You can sit comfortably or lie down. You can also play this CD while doing Qigong, T'ai Chi, or Yoga. Track 1 contains a podcast of the paradigm of Self Responsibility. Tracks 2, 3, and 4 are a series of affirmations of varying lengths for you to meditate upon. Track 5 is contemplative music.

1 Self Responsibility Podcast 4:42
2 Affirmations for Self Responsibility – Short 2:03
Upbeat Ambient Music
3 Affirmations for Self Responsibility – Medium 8:05
Mountain Spring and Shakuhachi
4 Affirmations for Self Responsibility Extended 11:55
Dreamy Synthesizer
5 Into Silence 13:15
Synth and Wind chimes

Daily practice can facilitate your Awakening, Self Mastery, and Freedom. Unauthorized duplication prohibited by international copyright and karmic law. © 2012 Keith E. Hall & All rights reserved.

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