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Relax! Guided Relaxation and Meditation:Journey to the Primal Sea

Relax! Journey to the Primal Sea Guided-Relaxation & Meditation Relax, let go of the stress, anxiety, & frustration sapping your energy & peace of mind. Enjoy a session of deep breathing, full body relaxation & a journey to a relaxing ocean environment. Experience being at One with yourself & your world. Contains soothing music, ocean waves, & instructions for reducing stress & deeply relaxing the body. Use as a stress break to recharge yourself, an extended meditation, or for insomnia.

How to use this CD The CD is designed so you can select which tracks you want to hear, or play
it from beginning to end. It contains soothing music, ocean waves, and instructions for relaxing mind and body. It can be used as a stress break, to reinvigorate yourself, an extended meditation, or a non-drug alternative to insomnia.

1. Preparation 0:54 Beginning the session, skip this after you are familiar with it.

2. Conscious Breathing 2:01 Breath Coaching to energize mind and body while relaxing. You can set this to repeat if you'd like to practice deep conscious breathing.

3. Guided Relaxation 16:11 Relaxes each part of the body deeply. Set this track to repeat if you want repeated cues to relax. Good as a stress break and for insomnia.

4. The Primal Sea--Meditation on Unity Consciousness 18:12 Soothing meditation with ocean sounds train the mind in Unity Consciousness. Set this track to repeat if you want an extended meditation, also good as a stress break and for insomnia.

5. Awaken Alert and Alive 1:25 This track cues you to awaken after your session. Skip this if you are using the CD to fall asleep.

Additional tips: Stretch yourself prior to beginning. A stretched body will relax better.
After eating, wait 1 hour before practicing, food will tend to make you fall asleep.
Wear loose clothing, no jewelry, or lie nude under a sheet or blanket.
Practice in a quiet place, no distractions, phones, beepers, etc. Headphones may be helpful. It is much better to use a good stereo rather than a computer.
Schedule plenty of time so you won't be anxious to be done with the exercise.
Breathe Deeply. Inhale deeply into the belly, then to the chest. Exhale, relax, let go. "Let go" means to release muscular & mental tension & negative emotion. This phrase repeats to remind you to discharge physical, mental, & emotional resistance.

This CD is best listened to with professional quality headphones or stereophonic equipment.

You are licensed to download 1 copy on your computer and 1 copy for a portable device only. Under copyright law, you cannot share this file with persons who have not paid for it. Thank you. A broadband connection is recommended for this mp3 download.

If you wish to learn Yoga Nidra, a highly efficient means to manifest Intent, first use this CD for at least 30 days to learn to deeply relax without falling asleep, prior to beginning Yoga Nidra training. Use the voice on the CD as your "lifeline" to consciousness, relax the body, breathe, stay focused. To receive notices of products, T'ai Chi, Qi Gong , Tantra, Stress and meditation workshops, and a free e-newsletter, send an email to:
Jade Garden POB 581, Olney MD 20830. Ó 2006 Keith E. Hall.

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