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Ocean Surf w/ Theta Entrainment

Relax! Ocean Surf
Ambient Ocean Wave Sounds for Relaxation and Meditation
With Theta Brainwave Entrainment

Recorded on the coast of beautiful Assateague Island, this audio program contains ambient ocean wave sounds and wind on the beach. The powerful sounds of the Atlantic Ocean wash over you, cleansing away your stress and soothing mind, body, and spirit. There are two tracks, both approximately 32 1/2 minutes in length. Track 1 simply contains the natural sounds of the dynamic Atlantic Ocean breakers and ocean wind combing the island shore. Track 2 contains the same wave and wind sounds and also includes a Theta Entrainment track.

Track 1: Ocean Surf 32:30 Can be used as soothing background sound or white noise at work or home. Set this track to repeat if you wish. Adjust volume, treble, and bass as you desire.

Track 2 Ocean Surf with Theta Entrainment 32:30 This track uses Theta Brainwave Entrainment to slow your brainwaves to the Theta threshold, allowing you to experience deep relaxation and the ability to meditate like a Zen monk, even if you are a beginner. Theta states can help you attain deep sleep, meditate, induce hypnosis, reduce stress, improve ESP and intuition, and facilitate learning, creativity, and higher states of consciousness. Stereo headphones are required with Track 2 for the Theta Entrainment to work. You should not drive or operate machinery while using Theta Entrainment. This track is best listened to lying down with loose clothing. Wait at least 1 hour after eating.

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