Part 4: Kriyas, Resistance

The Power of Surrender

Being an externally oriented, aggressive culture, we often forget that Yin is equal in power to Yang, and a balance of both is required for health, Solar Lunar, spiritual surrender, tantric qigong, self mastery, qigong, qigong for self mastery, enlightenment, meditation, kriyas, kriya yoga, 8 treasures, eight section brocade, 8 brocades, 8 pieces of silk, 8 twists of silk, ba duan jin, kundalini, kundalini yoga, kundalini awakening, kundalini activation, spiritual awakening,  maryland, rockville, gaithersburg, aspen hill, montgomery countylongevity, and joy in life. It is best to cultivate not only your life force and power, but also your ability to relax and let go. Without surrender we just enroll our vitality in recreating our old patterns more powerfully, stubbornly insisting in consuming our life force in the repetition of old habits, thought patterns, dysfunctional emotions and behaviors.

Some Practical Suggestions. For those whose of us who wish to balance our yin and yang aspects, power and surrender, action and receptivity, the ego and the awakened Self, I would suggest:

1. 1 hour of T’ai Chi, Qigong, Yoga per day. If your resistance and stress levels are high, you need these practices to ground you and balance your energies, especially if you are also practicing Tantra and / or Kundalini techniques. While Tantric Qigong(sm) takes only 10 minutes, those who are in a state of both high energy and high resistance need more, an hour per day minimum.

2. Bodywork. This is a helpful adjunct to further cultivate surrender. Somatic Release, Rolfing, deep tissue styles are preferred. For some, a vigorous Thai massage can also work.

3. Progressive Relaxation. Teach yourself to relax, breathe, and let go with this helpful tape.

4. Breath Coaching. Focus on the continuity of consciousness and the energizing, yet relaxing power of the breath. Essential skills for Tantra and true meditation.

5. Presencing(sm). Similar to breath coaching. Observing the continuity of consciousness and breath, with the mindfulness of recognizing karmic patterns and cultivating the ability to let them go.

Develop Beginner’s Mind. Let go of your expertise, your hubris. Let go on a physical, emotional, and mental level. Let go of your insistence on recreating your karmic habits. Let go and fall into the arms of your lover, your bliss, your Divinity. Copyright 2006, Keith E. Hall . All rights reserved

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