Kundalini Rush, Awakening

Kundalini Rush, Taoist Awakening

Scott asks
: I have been told by some people I have chatted with that I am experiencing a Kundalini Rush…I get hit with a wave of orgasmic tantric qigong, 8 treasures, eight section brocade, ba duan jin, 8 pieces of silk, 8 twists of silk, 8 brocades, qigong, self mastery, qigong for self mastery, qigong for enlightenment, enlightenment, self actualization, self realization, spiritual awakening, kriyas, kriya yoga, kundalini, kundalini yoga, kundalini awakening, kundalini activation, kundalini rising, meditation, kundalini meditation, wu wei, t'ai chi, t'ai chi chuan, qigong meditation, Vipassana, Zen, inner tranquility, inner peace, bioenergetics, neo-reichian, Reich, orgone, qi, chi, ki, vitality, life force, chakras, tumo, dumo, dantien. tan tien, hara, bagua, Taoism, taoist, taoist tantra, tantra, tantra yoga, stress, stress management,  personal growth, spiritual growth, yoga, Sifu, classes, instruction, workshops, seminars, Rockville, Gaithersburg, Aspen Hill, silver spring, Brookeville, sandy spring, Laytonsville, Potomac, Derwood, Montgomery County, Frederick, Germantown, Maryland, District of Columbia, Washington DC, guided meditation, visualization, self healing, qigong yoga, energy yoga, chakra yoga, chakra qigong, chakra chi kung, Chakra meditation, Howard County, Columbia, Frederick, Baltimore, Northern Virginia, Prince Georges County energy, it starts in the stomach area and spreads quickly…It gets tingling. But it hits you like BAM. First you feel like you are going forward then it engulfs you and you go backwards and fall into it…It can happen twice in a row or just once. When I wake up I feel different, slightly energized, slightly creative. How and why is this occurring? Any thoughts?

Rev. Hall: By stomach, do you mean abdominal area?

Scott: Yes and lower back

Rev. Hall: Does it spread through narrow channels (perhaps in the spine or back?) or more diffusely and generally throughout the torso?
Scott: It starts like pins and needles and grows in intensity and pleasure, it could be through channels, but it happens fast.

Rev. Hall: By “it hits you like BAM”, do you mean that it is abrupt, or is it painful?
Scott: I am asleep or half asleep when it happens 4:30 to 6:00 AM…it is…pleasurable, I have tried to move my arm to share it with my wife, but generally can’t move my arm…I am awake at this point, trying to enjoy and understand it, not fighting it like I did at first. Yes, abrupt because It comes out of nowhere…

Rev. Hall: “First you feel like you are going forward then it engulfs you and you go backwards and fall into it “–So you are lying down when this happens? if so, on your back? or some other posture?

Scott: Yes, lying on back asleep, so it feels like a powerful force hit me (as if) I go forward and then lean back…It is very intense when it happens, it feels like an orgasm but different.  © 2006 Keith E. Hall Inner-Tranquility.com . All rights reserved.

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