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In Western Neo-Tantra, orgasm extension (or tantric orgasm, extended orgasm, expanded orgasm, or multiple orgasms) is represented mainly as a tool for increasing and prolonging pleasure, preventing premature ejaculation, etc. This obviously has benefit individually and on a social level, especially if your society has deep puritanical roots and ambivalence toward receiving pleasure. While this negative judgment of the value of pleasure may not seem so apparent to those immersed in it, it is a very strong societal and religious judgment, both culturally and in the individual’s subconscious.

A Cultural Rorschach Test:
Which do you find more objectionable?
1. The glorification of violence on the gridiron
2. Janet Jackson’s nipple

To a culture that represses sexual life force (Shakti Kundalini, Jing) and the creative expression and reception of pleasure, while focusing on denial, judgment, and violence, anything which promotes one’s hedonic surrender to pleasure and acceptance is desirable and healthy.

Ego, Karma, and Freedom
In authentic Tantra, the agenda goes far beyond the Pleasure Principle towards that of Awakening and Enlightenment. What keeps us asleep in the spiritual sense, is our stubborn resistance and defensiveness. As a function of ego and experience (Karma), these forces keep our perception of ourselves and our personal freedom small and limited, thus reducing our ability to perceive and encompass that which we identify as the larger external world. In fact, this barrier (Duality) between the egoistic self and the universe is artificial and perceptual. But we do insist on it.

A certain amount of ego is necessary for self-preservation, but to anyone who has had a deep experience of the mystical, it is obvious that we overuse the ego’s defensive nature and therefore limit what we can perceive, what and who we can Be. It is the function of any type of Kundalini work, whether Taoist, Tibetan, or Tantric, to increase energy and consciousness, burn karma, and set ourselves free. This goes beyond the mere extension of pleasure or the prevention of the leakage of semen.

To achieve freedom and this larger experience of Self, karma must be burnt. In a way, karmic patterns are just crappy emotional, mental and physical habits that block life force and consciousness.

But we have grown very attached to these habits.

They have become so ingratiated into our thoughts, perceptions, feelings, actions, and our very subconscious definition of Self (ego), that it seems that that these patterns are truly part of us, instead of the operational software that they really are. To alter or let go of these habits is very threatening to the ego’s sense of self survival and is resisted and defended against as if spiritual growth were a life threatening condition. That is why authentic personal growth is so unlikely, or so glacially slow.

Instruction and Coaching

Shakti Kundalini and Personal Growth
Through enrolling the Shakti Kundalini, the sexual energy (Jing, Ching)), in ascending physically within the body, Tantra adds a powerful ally to the process of personal growth and evolution. If not spent through ejaculation and uncontrolled apana, this energy can rise and begin to erase karmic habits and self-limitations. This can happen in a general way through the application of delay techniques with a pure (spiritual) Intention, but can be made much more powerful by applying certain secret techniques, and directing the Shakti Kundalini through specific channels and centers.

Not all orgasm delay techniques are valuable for these purposes. For instance, the commonly cited technique for men, squeezing the glans as ejaculation is imminent, does little to redirect Shakti Kundalini. Neither does mentally making a shopping list, reciting sports statistics, or reviewing stock market averages.

Tantric Kundalini Techniques for Spiritual Awakening
Basic Tantric Kundalini techniques for redirecting orgasmic energy for spiritual evolution and Enlightenment include:

The Perineal Press and the Testicle Stretch in the Tantric Transformation series, part 6
Root Lock: and Prana Mudra: Tantric Transformation part 1
Transmuting to the Heart: Tantric Transformation Part 2
Belly / Chest Breath: Tantric Transformation Part 3
Hong Sau: Tantric Transformation Part 4
Sexual Surrender: Tantric Transformation Part 5

Of course, some of these techniques for raising, directing, and transmuting Kundalini energy can be done without the sexual component. In fact, for most people it will be easier and safer to learn and master these Tantric Kundalini techniques non-sexually through individual practice. © 2006 Keith E. Hall . All rights reserved.

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