Living Your Life Fully Through Presencing(sm)

The Presencing(sm) Process

The Art of Being Present

Learn to make the most of each moment in your life!

Do you admire those who say “carpe diem” and reach for all the gusto that life has to offer? Ever wonder how you could learn to extract more meaning and enjoyment from your life?

All too often, we live our lives in anticipation of the future while subconsciously repressing unpleasant aspects of our past. We shuttle back and forth between past and future, robbing ourselves of our life and re-creating old patterns of being.   As Einstein once said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result!”

Through the Presencing Process for Enlightenment & Freedom(sm) we can release patterns, which no longer serve us and create our lives with joy and fulfillment, exactly the way we wish to!

Who can benefit from this course:

— Busy professionals who find it difficult to unwind.
— Anyone who feels “stuck in a rut”.
— Meditators & Yoga practitioners who want to deepen their practice.
— Persons having anxiety, frustration, or difficulty stilling the mind in meditation.
— Psychotherapists & clients wishing an approach to mind-body-spirit holism.
— Bodyworkers & energy workers.
— Persons wishing more clarity, direction, & creativity in their personal or professional lives.

In this experiential session / workshop we will:

— Open ourselves fully to our present experience.
— Use sensation, emotion, and cognition to guide ourselves to our truth.
— Release negative emotion easily while opening to joy, serenity, and bliss.
— Use the breath to inspire creativity, vitality, and enjoyment of our lives.
— Learn how being fully present in the moment can create perfect fulfillment.
— Heal our past wounding and manifest success in all aspects of our being.
— Learn how to create ease of communication and greater connection and intimacy in our relationships.

Presencing™ is available as a private session and as a class / workshop.

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Presence is the Buddha Pearl

Rev. Keith Hall has synthesized the seminal aspects of Breathwork, Bioenergetics, Neo-Reichian, Tantric, Taoist, and Buddhist practices to create the Presencing Process(sm). Presencing (sm) facilitates deep healing, joy, empowerment, and freedom from past limitations so we can manifest clearly what we desire in life. Presencingsm is a simple, yet profoundly powerful process for creating our lives the way we wish to. (c) 2004 Keith E. Hall . All rights reserved.

What people say about Presencing™:

Thank you so much for teaching me a more effective way to meditate. God Bless you….
– JK, Carson City, Nevada

I really was able to make some progress in releasing pain.
– VF, Falls Church, VA

…much more of an experience than I anticipated.

-BC, Mt. Airy, MD

Great workshop!
– KK, Arlington, VA

The Art of Being Present

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