Kundalini or Heart Attack?

Kundalini or Heart Attack?

Q.Heather42 asks: Just checking, but you do realize these are similar to symptoms of heart attack? Some preliminary heart attack events do not necessarily involve chest pain, and/or the person can be asleep during the chest pain phase. The time frame of early morning, abdominal tingling, and immobility, especially of arms, are all classic symptoms associated with heart attack. Has Scott had his heart checked lately?

A. Rev. Hall: Thank you for your concern. I am sure that Scott appreciates it. Perhaps at his next physical, an EKG could be run to rule out any tantric qigong, 8 treasures, eight section brocade, ba duan jin, 8 pieces of silk, 8 twists of silk, 8 brocades, qigong, self mastery, qigong for self mastery, qigong for enlightenment, enlightenment, self actualization, self realization, spiritual awakening, kriyas, kriya yoga, kundalini, kundalini yoga, kundalini awakening, kundalini activation, kundalini rising, meditation, kundalini meditation, wu wei, t'ai chi, t'ai chi chuan, qigong meditation, Vipassana, Zen, inner tranquility, inner peace, bioenergetics, neo-reichian, Reich, orgone, qi, chi, ki, vitality, life force, chakras, tumo, dumo, dantien. tan tien, hara, bagua, Taoism, taoist, taoist tantra, tantra, tantra yoga, stress, stress management, 10 minutes, 10 minute exercise, 10 minute stress, 1 minute stress management, 1 minute meditation,  60 second relaxation, personal growth, spiritual growth, yoga, Sifu, classes, instruction, workshops, seminars, Intention, Manifestation, The secret, Yoga Nidra, The Law of Attraction, What the bleep, Buddha, Buddhism, Tantric Buddhism, Rockville, Gaithersburg, Aspen Hill, silver spring, Brookeville, sandy spring, Laytonsville, Potomac, Derwood, Montgomery County, Frederick, Germantown, Maryland, District of Columbia, Washington DC, guided meditation, visualization, self healing, qigong yoga, energy yoga, chakra yoga, chakra qigong, chakra chi kung, Chakra meditation, Howard County, Columbia, Frederick, Baltimore, Northern Virginia, Prince Georges County atypical cardiac abnormalities. Though it seems unlikely, it would do no harm to have a test run. I am not a physician, so I cannot speak to whether there is a rare cardiac symptomatology that would match the experience Scott is having. The experiences Scott is having are rather common for those who are having quasi – Kundalini or Shakti Prana experiences, but seem rather atypical for cardiac problems. To further delineate:

1. No Pain: Typically, though not always, a cardiac event will entail angina often radiating down the left arm. Though there are cases of cardiac events where patients do not recall any pain, Scott claims numerous Kundalini experiences, distinctly remembered, never with any angina or arm pain.

2. Pleasure: Scott recounts how these events are quite pleasurable to him. This is quite common among meditators who are moving Shakti Prana ( Shakti Kundalini ) and have low fear and karmic resistance to this bioenergy movement. The pleasurable sensations also can become distinctly Tantric in nature for some people. I have never heard of any cardiac events described this way.

3. Creativity: Scott says “When I wake up I feel different, slightly energized, slightly creative.” This state of feeling quietly energized and creative is routinely reported by practitioners of Kriya Kundalini techniques, especially with Tumo and Cobra Breath. It seems to be one of the hallmarks of Shakti Prana as the energy moves into the higher Chakras, especially Ajna ( the Third Eye. )

4. Paralysis: Scott: “I am a sleep or half asleep when it happens 4:30 to 6:00 (AM)…it is never painful but pleasurable, I have tried to move my arm to share it with my wife, but generally can’t move (my) arm, except once, I am awake at this point trying to enjoy and understand it. “

As I understand Scott’s description of this aspect of his experience, it is likely that he is having what sleep researchers call “sleep paralysis”, a state often linked to lucid dreaming and REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. When it occurs in REM sleep it is called REM atonia. This state is characterized by paralysis shortly after waking up (hypnopompic paralysis) or, shortly before falling asleep (hypnagogic paralysis). This happens when the sleeper is awakened from an REM state into a fully awake state, causing the person to be aware, but unable to move.

In the yogic tradition, this state is thought to be the “dream body” separating from the physical body, where out-of-body travel might occur. It is thought that one of the stages of the journey to enlightenment is “witnessing sleep,” being lucid and in a state of Witness Consciousness while asleep. A variation of this is present when you are in an authentic state of Yoga Nidra. Not the “Yoga Nidra” class you are taking at the strip mall yoga center with 10 other people, but the real deal, the Yoga Nidra based Theta states that are well known to and taught by Yoga Masters.

There is also a Hindu mythos that Rakshasas (Hindu demons) attack persons in this state to hinder their progress towards enlightenment. This pertains to those who experience a fear reaction in this state and is, in my opinion, an anthropomorphic external projection of the internal experience. That is, we create an external threat out of our internal fear. This can seem quite real.

5. Tantric and sexual in nature: Scott has stated: “It is very intense when it happens, it feels like an orgasm but different.”

Scott is experiencing a mild variant of the “full body orgasm” first discovered in the West by Wilhelm Reich. As we are able to let go of our neuroses, (our fears, frustrations, physical tensions, stress, our karma) and activate our life force ( Qi, Chi, Ki, or in this case Shakti Kundalini ), we can attain a highly charged energetic state of non genital full body orgasm which floods the entire body and psyche. In a kind of feedback loop, the orgasm itself then continues to release old neuromuscular tensions in the body (somatic karmic patterns).

This is cultivated in Tantra and is predicated on one’s ability to both charge the body with life force AND surrender to its flow. In Scott’s case, it is happening spontaneously after being relaxed by a full nights sleep, which lowers psychic and somatic karmic resistance. For many men, morning is a time when Tantric sexual energy can peak due to elevated testosterone, and a relaxed, rested state. Being able to share this with a partner in an awakened Tantric or Kundalini state (somatically and spiritually), can amplify the experience and one can attain ecstatic, transpersonal, often mystical states of awareness while speeding your liberation from your karmic patterns ( karma burning ).

Taoist Tantra training will enhance this process. This will, at minimum, improve your physical and mental well being, personal power, and creativity. If one attains an enlightened Bodhisattva consciousness, what began as personal accrual of bliss may radiate outward as a boon to humanity in general. (c) 2006 Keith E. Hall Inner-tranquility.com . All rights reserved.

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