Kriyas and Resistance

Kriyas, Resistance

DP asks: My query has to do with the…Kriya phenomena…it seems to spontaneously occur when kissing, etc. a date…but, I can imagine that caduceus, kundalini, tantra, kriyas, tantric qigong, tantra yoga, tantika, tantrik, enightenment, self mastery, tantric sex, 8 treasures, qigong for self mastery, eight section brocade, 8 twists of silk, qigong, gaithersburg, rockville, maryland, montgomery county, 8 pieces of silk, 8 brocades, kundalini activation, kundalini awakening, kundalini event, spiritual awakeningthey probably seem either weird and/or overly enticing to male friends. Is it normal for Kriyas to occur when sexually excited?…the kriyas (don’t) feel particularly sensual to me…I am used to sexual feelings…quite distinct from the somewhat abrupt Kriyas. Is this just a phase to go through while the energy overcomes resistance?…seems like there is a big difference between waves of sensual undulation and the kriyas which are more like a jack hammer….My whole reason for taking Tantra is to free up all of my considerable energy. This is happening. I do not want to stifle this process…

Rev. Hall: Yes it is desirable to have these tremors when sexually excited, It is a sign of your vital life force overcoming resistance. Sex energy is an expression of your life force. The neat thing about sex is that it can also stimulate life force in a kind of “feedback” process. More life force results more ecstatic sex and surrender to intimacy. More sex and surrender creates more life force, more freedom and vitality. We are activating and transmuting our primal life force.

There is a balance needed between the activation and flow of sex energy, of prana and Kundalini, and our resistance to it. Resistance has at its root fear. We can also be quite stubborn about our resistance, and there are many socially supported rationalizations for not being free and flowing with our energy. The reason that it seems that at times the energy is jarring or slightly unpleasant is your anxiety about letting go of your resistance: your fear, your karmic patterns.

Most people do not experience kriyas because their resistance is higher than their available life force. A popular subconscious ploy to avoid knowing oneself and experiencing the power and bliss of who you truly are is to keep stubbornly resisting, and if that begins to fail, dump the excess energy. © 2006, Keith E. Hall . All rights reserved

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