Karma Burning: Chakra Issues

Tantric Qigong Karma Burning: Chakra Issues Recurrent emotional and behavioral patterns / habits that are energized and repeatedly re-grooved in our consciousness become Issues.

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Repeated emotional / behavioral patterns that have consistent negative consequences seem to be driven by brain stem and amygdala reactions that are inconsistent with emotional intelligence, or are inappropriate for the stimuli present at the time. We can seem stuck in these patterns like an old vinyl record skipping and repeating the same music over and over. These recurrent emotional / behavioral patterns inform the issues of the lower chakras.brain-evolution-crop-inner-tranq

The human brain is exactly the same as humans living 200,000 years ago. Think about it, we are meeting new, challenging stimuli of the modern world with the same neural circuitry as nomadic cavemen during the Paleolithic Stone Age. We still treat every new stimulus as a potential danger to be defended against. We are using the same old knee jerk fight-or-flight responses of our ancient ancestors 194,000 years before recorded history began. This explains the reactions of patriarchal cultures of terrorism that are both entrenched in Neolithic tribalism and have access to nuclear and electronic technology – kill it or be killed by it, eat it or be eaten, dominate or die.

The Amygdala, Limbic Resonance and Patterns

The limbic system and the brain stem (reptilian brain) are at the center of these quasi-automatic attitudes and responses. In addition to internal automatic brain stem reactions to a threatening stimulus, we tend to come into attunement with other nearby mammals possessing limbic resonance. If you are in close proximity to a person who is angry, you pick up on this. If you have an adoring cat or dog on your lap, you tend to resonate with their emotion.

The amygdala activates fight or flight responses by receiving neural signals that indicate possible threats slightly before other brain centers. Higher cortical areas receive these signals milliseconds later, making it a challenge to override one’s reactions if we judge that immediate action is required. The difficulty is that the older parts of the brain always react as if the stimulus is a true life and death situation requiring immediate action, although the vast majority of the time it is not.

The amygdala processes information unconsciously and has no sense of chronological time. This means that stimuli perceived as a threat in childhood will tend to be perceived the same way in adulthood. So, a memory of a barking dog that frightened you at an early age is recorded by the amygdala and will set off the same fear reactions with similar intensity if you are presented with the same stimulus in the present. This lack of personal historical chronology at the center of the limbic system may be a basis for the perpetuation of negative emotional / behavioral patterns.

Anterior Cingulate Cortex

The anterior cingulate cortex has a mediating role in rational cognitive functions, decision-making, empathy, and modulation of emotional responses through the abundance of specialized neanterior cingulate cortex Tantric Qigongurons called spindle cells. These cells are a relatively recent occurrence in evolutionary terms, so far found only in humans and apes. Whether we use these cell structures fully or not makes all the difference.

The relationship between the anterior cingulate cortex and more primitive brain structures can even explain one’s choice of politics. A now famous study conducted by the University College London (UCL) demonstrated a correlation between larger development of the anterior cingulate cortex and progressive political identification compared to a larger development of the amygdala in retrogressive political identification. “We found that greater liberalism was associated with increased gray matter volume in the anterior cingulate cortex, whereas greater conservatism was associated with increased volume of the right amygdala…political attitudes reflect differences in self-regulatory conflict monitoring and recognition of emotional faces by showing that such attitudes are reflected in human brain structure.“*  © 2012 Keith E. Hall, www.inner-tranquility.com  All rights reserved.

*Kanai, R., Feilden, T., Firth, C., Rees, G. (7 April 2011). Political orientations are correlated with brain structure in young adults. Current Biology

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