Karma Burning: Ajna, the 3rd Eye

Karma Burning: Ajna, the 3rd Eye:  Serenity / Equanimity

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As we delve into the emotions related to the head chakras, we may be surprised to find that little to none are resident there. Emotions are deeply connected to the body and the somatic chakras, whereas the chakras of the head are more connected to mental and spiritual realms. If one were to affix an appellation to the emotion of Ajna, it would be inner peace, tranquility, equanimity, or serenity.

Equanimity…is the ground for wisdom and freedom and the protector of compassion

 and love. The Buddha described a mind filled with equanimity as “abundant, exalted,

       immeasurable, without hostility and without ill-will. -Gil Fronsdal, Insight Meditation Center


Shri YantraNEW-Inner-TranquilityEquanimity can be seen as evolving from a state of stability or composure arising from a deep witnessing and acceptance of this present moment.  Far from analytical aloofness, spiritual equanimity results in a clarity and a kind of calm, warm, state of being.

Serenity is defined by some dictionaries as “a disposition free from stress or emotion”, and “steadiness of mind under stress.” Stress, as we know, is a combination of anxiety, discomfort, and irritability brought on by the inability to fully control a given situation. In other words; fear, pain, and anger: the emotional denizens of the first three chakras. The ability to maintain a serene affect when challenged by the negative emotions of the lower three chakras is a prima facie case for a certain degree of self mastery.

While the emotions present in the fourth and fifth chakras do not have any negativity in their resident aspects (Love and Joy), these emotions can have a dynamic quality to them that affects the body quite strongly. At times the emotions of Love and Joy can be overwhelming, and in their most profound expressions can fill the body with an energized exuberance.  While a delightful state, this is quite different than the calm landscape of serenity. Using the model of Kundalini ascension, one could see how the exuberance of chakras 4 and 5 could “boil up” and gradually evanesce or distill into a refined sense of presence and inner peace at the sixth chakra.

            God grant me the serenity

            to accept the things I cannot change;

            courage to change the things I can;

            and wisdom to know the difference. –Reinhold Niebuhr


This famous quote from the Serenity Prayer is interesting in terms of the dynamics of the chakras. We have serenity, a function of the third eye, acceptance, an energy of the 4th chakra, courage, which can be a power of the third chakra, and wisdom and discernment bring us back to the third eye. In other words, intention, steadfastness, and surrender when enjoined can help create presence and wisdom.

Limbic resonance, aka empathic resonance, is a psychiatric theory delineating how humans and mammals in general express the capacity for sharing deep emotional states which arise within the limbic system through non-verbal interconnectedness or a kind of psychic quantum entanglement.  These states include the feelings of empathic harmony (dopamine circuit), and the emotional states of fear, anxiety and anger (norepinephrine circuit). This theory is the first well defined medical hypothesis to address the mechanics of non-verbal emotional communication in both humans and some animals.  What psychiatry is attempting to describe in neurologic terms, Tantric and Taoist practitioners attain through the practice of meditation, conscious movement and techniques such as mantra, Transmuting Breath, and Cobra Breath. Inner tranquility and attentiveness would be prerequisites for conscious mastery of the lower emotions, non-verbal attunement, and the attainment of harmony, syntony, and empathy.

If we think about this in quasi-Taoist terms, serenity and equanimity could be seen as the fulcrum of balance between negative and positive emotions, between the soma and the subtle energy bodies, between our embodied sense of the heavenly (cosmic consciousness) and earthly realms (vitality, emotionality, and sensuality). © 2012 Keith E. Hall and www.Inner-Tranquility.com. All rights reserved.

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