Karma Burning

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Karma Burning

Level 2 Cobra Breath deepens our energetic and psychic balance by activating the neural and subtle energy roots of the chakras. In essence, each chakra manages a realm of emotion, somatic structure, mental process, perception, and personal experience. Thus, how we define and experience ourselves to be is Kali, Durgamediated by the physical energies and software imprints of each chakra. To attain a liberated state of being, we must therefore explore the many “subroutines” that have been downloaded to our chakra system, and re-write the ones that create negative emotions, thoughts, behaviors, and self-limitation.

Karma burning can be thought of as a collection of techniques, rituals, meditations, and other processes to attain liberation from the unconscious patterning that controls our lives autonomically, i.e., from your subconscious. Like a crucible, this process can create a certain subtle heat and light which penetrates the psyche thus purifying our mettle; our mind, emotions, and the somatic record of our past.

Sometimes traditional yogic and Buddhist techniques for karma burning visualize this process externally and anthropomorphically. For example, there are the images of Kali (the destroyer of Time), which may seem violent and gruesome. This is a representation of our fear of change being overcome by calling on an ally: the power of the deity. We fear the little death of the egoistic patterns we have lived with, no matter how dysfunctional, harmful, or self limiting they are. We are loathe to give them up even though we suspect that we would be better off if we could grow out of them and re-define ourselves anew.

Joseph Campbell has said the Buddha has two aspects, one peaceful, and the other wrathful. Just like the Hindu paradigm of Kali, if one remains attached to thanka, kali, durga, karmaone’s self-definition and world-view, the Divine force of conscious evolution will become increasingly insistent. If our resistance remains high, then this force can be perceived as a threat, and can be visualized externally as if it were a wrathful deity who lops off the head of our egoistic perceptions, and devours our negative emotions, thoughts, and actions. This Kali-esque aspect is sometimes symbolized in Tibetan Thankas (also spelled Tangka, Thangka, or Tanka) where the deity is depicted as manifesting in a fierce form to free us from samsara – our limited perceptions, unsettled mind, ignorance, suffering, emotional bondage, and self-centered behaviors.

The hero whose attachment to ego is already annihilated passes back and forth across the horizons of the world, in and out of the dragon, as readily as a king through all the rooms of his house. And therein lies his power…  – The Hero with a Thousand Faces

For some of us, this is a very real psychic battle between our core patterns that were imprinted at an early age and our innate desire for freedom. Perseverance and courage, the same qualities displayed by any deity or hero, are required to attain a state of relative liberation.  We can concoct many, many reasons for not doing this work: not enough time, competing interests, stress, a general feeling that we are just fine the way we are, and an infinite number of other reasons. There is only one real reason for pursuing this process: to attain true and utter freedom from our past and be Present in the clear light of self-knowledge. This will result in Moksha (moksa, mukti) or Nirvana – the attainment of emotional, mental, and spiritual liberation.

The best techniques of karma burning usually involve a process of remembering past events; historical, imaginary, and perceptual. Once this history is brought to our conscious mind and soma, and processed through Witness Consciousness, the karmic patterns are transmuted, thus freeing enormous psychic energy and transforming our limitations into wisdom and liberation. © 2012 Keith E. Hall and Inner-Tranquility.com. All rights reserved. Karma Burning  Karma Burning in the Lower Chakras  1 2 3  4 5

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