Instruction & Coaching

Stress Management, Mindfulness, Qigong and T’ai Chi lectures, classes and workshops varying in length from 1 hour to 3 days can be set up for your company or group. Consultations, spiritual counseling, and coaching are available by phone.

Introduction to Tantric Qigong: Find out why millions of people have practiced this exercise for thousands of years. Easier and more gentle than T’ai Chi, Qi Gong (Chi Kung) consists of conscious breathing and very gentle meditative movements that generate and circulate life force and consciousness. We offer this introduction every couple of months.  Contact us for information or join our newsletter for updates. For more information:

Qigong / T’ai Chi classes inRockville – Olney, Montgomery County, MD. The Qigong portion of the class will be in the 10 Minutes to a Healthier You! format, which gives you an easy 10 minute daily practice for mental, physical, and spiritual health. The course will include a training manual and on completion, you will be eligible for certification. Email for more information.

Find out why millions of people practice this powerful exercise. Easier and more gentle than T’ai Chi, Qi Gong (Chi Kung) consists of conscious breathing and gentle meditative movements that generate and circulate life force and consciousness. Appropriate for anyone who can breathe and move their arms! For more information:

The Presencing Process for Enlightenment & Freedom Olney MD …..The Art of Being Present: release old patterns, create joy & fulfillment – Now!

Read more about our Meditation Programs – Downloads and Cds

Private sessions and coaching are good ways to enliven your life by receiving personalized attention. Schedule a private session to fine-tune your practice or to discuss a private concern. Rev. Hall works to focus on you specifically. Combining unique counseling and healing skills, he helps you find the best way to bring more balance and serenity into your life. For both singles and couples.


Qi Gong / T’ai Chi: Learn or review the 8 Treasures Tantric Qi Gong or Yang style T’ai Chi Chuan forms will full personal attention! These systems can dramatically increase your grounding, empowerment, and emotional strength while improving circulation, flexibility, and muscular balance. Create effortless flow in your life and become a Spiritual Warrior!

Presencing™: Presencing™ is derived from ancient eastern meditation practices, neo-Reichian, Bioenergetics and other western techniques. Deep healing, joy, freedom, and true empowerment can only be created if we are truly present, free from past limitations and habit patterns, and obsession with the future. Presencing™ is a simple, yet profoundly powerful process to start creating our lives the way we wish to.

Conscious BreathWork Coaching is a combination of Rebirthing and Presencing that can profoundly free you from life-limiting patterning and increase vitality and well being. A series of 10 is recommended.  Breathwork on CD

Chakra Balancing / Energy Balancing Softly works to balance your energy field using Chakra Balancing techniques

Spiritual Counseling / Life Coaching Sessions can be set up to give you an introduction to or fine-tune your personal practice or to counsel you on spiritual matters. Modalities will vary depending on your desires & needs.

Email for info on instruction

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“Thank you so much for teaching me a more effective way to meditate. God Bless you….” – JK, Carson City, Nevada

“I really was able to make some progress in releasing pain.” – VF, Falls Church, VA

“I am tremendously impressed with the quality of the training”– JT, Minister, Frederick, MD

“I loved this class. It was very responsibly taught and I had fun.” -K. B., writer

More Testimonials

The Benefits of Tantric Qigong

Babaji’s Cobra Breath

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