How can Tantrism help?

Q. Maya writes: So please tell me, how can tantrism help me and my husband?

A. Well, where to begin? The benefits of meditation with a partner or potential partner are so numerous. Most therapists acknowledge that communication is the key to a healthy relationship. While this is true, the approaches to authentic communication tend to center almost solely on mental / verbal therapeutic techniques. Certainly, skills such as active listening are very important to understanding, and I do teach and unitize these in my counseling.

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The emotions are often inflamed and in confusion. The mind may also be confused and seek to create “stories” or self directed “movies” about the experience of mental and / or emotional confusion, to rationalize, to defend our position and our confusion. When, as is fairly typical, we come to relationship “wounded” and fragmented within ourselves, this relating will always present to us “learning” or “healing” opportunities. We need to recognize the opportunity when presented and develop the skills necessary to transmute what we experience as confusion or wounding into freedom and wisdom.

The Body Never Lies
The body, on the other hand, never lies. It doesn’t know how to. Our experience, our life, is always truthfully written to the “hard drive” of the body, albeit in a “Somatic Code.” I often think of this as kind of our own personal “DaVinci Code.” This is certainly the basis of Bioenergetic Analysis, Neo Rechian, and other similar growth processes. Since the body is the repository of the truth of our experience in our lives, it would behoove ourselves to become Present and decipher the code. By doing this, we will attain ever greater freedom and wisdom.

Knowledge of Self is crucial both to spiritual evolution and high level relationships. Whether you intend to go through life solo, or to create a conscious relationship, first “know thyself.” Understanding what makes yourself tick will empower your personal responsibility, understanding, empathy, and compassion. If your partner has similar skills, or desires to, then there will be less and less energy spent in conflict, and more invested in contented bliss.

Transmute and Harmonize
We first activate Qi (Chi, life force), which powers our bodies, emotions, mind, and sexuality. We then transmute and circulate this energy via certain techniques. We attune to, and harmonize with, both our disparate “selves” and our connection to our present or potential partner. At this point we can unify ourselves and deeply come into union (Communion) with another and with the Divine. We can be Awakened, be Present, free from the past (karma), free from expectations and anxieties, whether conscious or subconscious, about what is to come. Let the journey begin! © 2006 Keith E. Hall All rights reserved.

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