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Khalil: Thank you for the information and for sending me the Journey to the Primal Sea CD. I listen to it before I go to sleep and it did help me relax and get a good night’s sleep so thanks for suggesting it. One thing I’m not sure about is when you say that one needs to imagine and focus on a point 3 inches below the navel, lie on my back, and then focus on expanding my belly to fill it with air during inspiration, and then retract on expiration. I’m not sure where that point you’re talking about is suppose to be, so if you can further explain this point I would appreciate it.

A: The point referred to is called the Tan Tien in Taoism, (or dan tian; tandan) also known as the Hara or sometimes the “Field of Elixir” or the “Sea of Chi.” This is one of the most important points for someone on the spiritual path. It is the seat of personal power and will – all the martial arts work with it. In yoga, it is associated with Manipura. Life force is stored there just like in a battery. The point can be located by putting the edge of the index finger of the right hand on the lower edge of the navel. With the fingers of the right hand held together, the point will be approximately where the small or pinky finger is, about 2-3 inches below the navel on most bodies, and inside the body, not just on the surface.

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If in an unbalanced state, this point will collect a lot of stress and stress related issues e.g., irritability, anger, self judgment, victim / victimizer consciousness, ulcers, poor digestion, irritable bowel syndrome, and much, much more. So to attain some modicum of personal power and freedom, this point has got to start to be more balanced. This is one of the reasons that on the CD I mention how to locate the point, and keep reminding you how to breathe deeply to that area.

When your attention is centered in the Tan Tien, your thinking process slows and you can relax into pure Being. Trying to quiet distracting thoughts through will power alone leads to frustration and inner struggle. By focusing on the Tan Tien, your thoughts gradually disappear without conflict. That is why the Tan Tien can be seen to be the key to authentic meditation.

The Tan Tien is often likened to the oceans. Water is constantly being circulated to the land, and then eventually it flows back to the sea. This also occurs in the body with Chi. From the Tan Tien, Chi flows out to the body, rejuvenating it with life force, and then returns to the Sea of Chi, the Tan Tien, reinforcing its power. The waves come in, the waves flow out.

Here is an exercise you can try:

Locking the Chi
Stand in a relaxed position, feet shoulder width apart. Put your right hand over your Tan Tien. Then place your left hand comfortably on top of your right. Keep your eyes half closed. Stand and breathe deeply and slowly in this position for a few minutes. Notice that you feel more grounded and energized in a serene, balanced way. (c) Keith E. Hall  All rights reserved.
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