Chinese Snakes on a Plane

Chinese Snakes on a Plane?

Well, maybe on your plane of consciousness :)

Vishnu visnu krishna cobra breathSunday, February 10th 2013, is the beginning of the Chinese New Year of the Water Snake, a time of change and newness. Snakes can disturb political hierarchies and World Orders. For instance, the events of the Great Depression, the Pearl Harbor bombing, and the 2001 attack on the World Trade Center all occurred during snake years.

However, Water Snake years, such as 2013, tend to encourage the development of wisdom and can be a time auspicious for spiritual growth. Considered one of the symbols of transformation, the snake is  associated with major changes due to the way it sheds its outer skin to reveal new inner growth. It is an excellent year to finally invest your time and commitment to develop the skills of introspection and Self Mastery.   What will this portend for Cobra Breath aspirants? (c) 2013 Keith E. Hall and  All rights reserved.

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