Chakras & Kundalini

This page is a resource for information regarding the chakra system and safe activation of kundalini.



There is much information, misinformation, and disinformation on the chakras and the raising of kundalini; I will endeavor to present true information based on my decades of personal and professional experience. True Tantra (and its Taoist equivalent) always contains extensive preparation for chakra balancing prior to kundalini activation. Raising Kundalini is necessary for spiritual awakening and enlightenment agendas in Tantra. Any neo-tantra, or new age tantra system that does not include kundalini awakening as a core practice is more akin to sexology than true Tantra. Not that there is anything wrong with that. It’s just not Being all that you are destined to Be.




The 3rd Chakra and the Spiritual Purpose of Power

Emotions and the Chakras

Karma Burning, Kundalini, Kali, and the Chakras

Tantric Qigong Karma Burning: Chakra Issues

The Spiritual Journey: Kundalini, Creation, And Enlightenment

Kundalini, Kali, Shakipat, Deeksha, Indra Jaal

Kriyas, Resistance, and Sexual Arousal

Taoism, Kundalini Yoga, and Tantra

Kundalini or Heart Attack?


Babaji’s Cobra Breath

DualityDuality part 2: The Chakra Model

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