Chakra Issues Sixth Chakra

Karma Burning Chakra Issues Sixth Chakra

Judgment and Discernment 

The serenity of Ajna, the third eye, is a function of harmony, inner & outer attunement, and stillness. If we are continually thinking in dualistic Butterfly, discernment, judgment, tantric qigong, enlightenment, spiritual awakening, self mastery, 8 treasures, taoist tantra, taoism, qigogn  for self mastery, ba duan jin, eight section brocade, 8 twists of silk, 8 pieces of silk, inner tranquility, inner peace, qigong classes, rockville, olney, gaithersburg, maryland, t'ai chi, taiji, chi kungterms, we are dissecting, analyzing, and comparing. This mental activity can reduce the ability to be serene, yet also has a significant survival function as discernment. In a sense, discernment is a basic form of consciousness shared by all life.  How do you know what is helpful and what is harmful to your survival?  What is food, what is poison? In this aspect, discernment is a vital function for survival, abundance, and leading a harmonious life of inner richness.

Tantric Qigong: A Course in Self Mastery

Judgment, discernment, tantric qigong, enlightenment, self mastery, self realization, chakras, kundalini, self grwoth, personal growth, 8 treasures, eight section brocade, qigong for self mastery, ba duan jin, 8 twists of silk, 8 pieces of silk, 8 brocades Judgment is noticing (discerning, 6th chakra) the difference in things, people, their actions, etc., and reacting with some level of moral condemnation (3rd chakra). Moral condemnation grows from a conscious or subconscious anxiety of the differences we have noticed (potential threats), and assigning it a negative or evil connotation.  Once so assigned, the tendency is to react with some degree of irritation or anger, or worse.

          You don’t count the dead

          When God’s on your side.

         – Bob Dylan, With God on Our Side

Righteous anger takes our moral judgment and amps up the compensatory and defensive / offensive reaction with great vigor and the certitude that we are absolutely correct.  It can then be short step to dogmatic condemnation, inquisition, water boarding, crusades, jihad, and other forms of righteous violence.

It takes a certain level of experience and wisdom to use the sharp knives of discernment, intuition, and understanding in a way that is beneficial to ourselves and others. Deep and consistent periods of meditation, Cobra Breath, and Psychic Bridge Balancing can develop the intuition and sensitivity necessary to harness this faculty. © 2012 Keith E. Hall and All rights reserved.

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