Chakra Issues: 3rd Chakra

Chakra Issues: Third Chakra

Personal Power

Manipura, the third chakra, is a potent reservoir of qi (chi) in the body. Earthly qi can enter the body through the feet, can be activated or “pumped up” at the Muladhara chakra, and when combined with atmospheric qi, creates life force which can be stored in Manipura. This vital force can be quite dynamic and, like a ChakraBanner3battery, can be in motion or exist in either a potential or quiescent state. Besides the absorption of earthly qi through the feet (or perineum / coccyx if sitting), we can acquire earthly qi through the digestion and assimilation of food. Once assimilated and combined with the heavenly qi we absorb through the breath, this energy becomes our personal qi or life force. 

Tantric Qigong: A Course in Self Mastery

Vitality is required to keep the body, mind, and emotions healthy and in good working order. Once these basic needs are satisfied, any surfeit of vitality becomes personal power. In many with Western mindsets, active vitality has a strong tendency to be applied externally, and if one’s personal power is thwarted in some way, this energy can internalized, often in an unhealthy way.  If the first chakra mediates the flight part of the fight or flight response, the third chakra is in charge of the fight part. The primitive part of ourselves feels that the best defense is a strong offense.

 There is no guarantee that one will use one’s life force appropriately in a karma-free sense. Here are some examples of karma inducing uses of personal power:

Externally: one can use one’s personal power to manipulate or dominate other people or the environment. Anger is a subset of this: it appears as the “cure” for our power being thwarted.      Hatred, violence, are other examples.

Internally;  the energy of attack (anger) can be turned against one’s mind and physiology -self hatred, allergies, auto immune conditions, visceral organ malfunction and degradation.

Examples of the appropriate use of personal power:

External: manifesting your desires without karmically infringing upon another, selfless service.

Internal: Self mastery, commitment to a course of personal development, development of spiritual willpower, surrendering to your higher self.

When we have attained the highest level of personal power, and have manifested all our worldly desires, we may begin to yearn for something beyond power and the material. This is spiritual yearning (see: The 3rd Chakra and the Spiritual Purpose of Power ). © 2012 Keith E. Hall and All rights reserved.

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