Chakra Issues: 1st and 2nd Chakras

Chakra Issues: First and Second Chakras

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Karma Burning: Survival

All fears can be reduced to some flavor of fear of death or concern for one’s welfare and survival. Even social anxiety i.e., fear of being judged or cast out of the tribe to fend for oneself, woChakra 1 and 2 Muladhara, Vishuddiuld have its origin in a concern for personal survival in Paleolithic times. One of the reasons homo sapiens, and primates in general, have adapted and flourished in a hostile world has been the ability to use the group for defense, territorial dominance, food gathering / growing, etc. In modern times, these now irrational fears have led to economic, cultural, and military “dominance displays” which could, in extremis, threaten all human life on this planet.

Karma Burning: Gratification

Gratification is a pleasurable reaction that results from the fulfillment of a desire. The personality trait of uninhibited pleasure-seeking results in a tendency towards hedonism. The inability to experience normal pleasure, desire, or motivation in life is sometimes termed anhedonia.  William James described anhedonia as a “passive joylessness and dreariness, discouragement, dejection, lack of taste and zest and spring.”*

The second chakra has a powerful role in sadness and depression, and one sure sign of depression is a reduced ability to take gratification in simple things as food, friends humor, conversation, sex, etc.

Depending on the degree, delaying gratification could be seen as a valuable life skill related to long term success, happiness, even spiritual awakening.  An example of the latter would be the transmutation of sexual energy, e.g. delaying orgasm and sending your Kundalini upward through the central channel, or the spinal nadis, awakening the chakras and knowledge of the higher Self.

A more permanent pattern of denying gratification without any excitation or transmutation of life force can be a clinical state of avoidance related to a moralistic denial of expression. © 2013 Keith E. Hall and All rights reserved.

*Varieties of Religious Experience Lecture VI, The Sick Soul, William James 1902

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