Books, Art & Music

Books, Art & Music

These are resources for quality books, art, and music that we recommend for your consideration. Preference is given to artists and artisans that have one or more of these qualities: Spiritual connection, Taoist, Tantra, Eastern (Hindu, Tantric, general Oriental) sensibilities. This section will be updated and grow regularly, so check back!

I consider Sexual Secrets to be the finest, most comprehensive book on Tantra ever written. Sexual Secrets is the definitive guide to sex and mysticism, revealing the wisdom of the sages of India, Nepal, Tibet, China, and Japan whose teachings on sexuality unveil how physical love can be the pathway to spiritual liberation. Containing more than 600 illustrations–the most comprehensive collection of images expressing the erotic sentiment–and with more than one million copies sold in more than 19 languages, Sexual Secrets unlocks for everyone the experience of ecstasy once sealed in the ancient texts and art of the East. Click below and take a look!

I highly recommend Alex Grey’s collection of energy field depictions “Sacred Mirrors” for anyone studying the chakras and bioenergy systems.
This unique series of paintings takes the viewer on a graphic, visionary journey through the physical, metaphysical, and spiritual anatomy of the self. From anatomically correct rendering of the body systems, Grey moves to the spiritual/energetic systems with such images as “Universal Mind Lattice,” envisioning the sacred and esoteric symbolism of the body and the forces that define its living field of energy.

Includes essays on the significance of Grey’s work by Ken Wilber, the eminent transpersonal psychologist, and by the noted New York art critic, Carlo McCormick. You’re going to want this in hardback.

Jitterbug Perfume – A tale of Immortality, Perfume and Tantra. An outrageously funny and touching recipe for Eternal Life through dance, hot soaks, Tantric Sex, and of course, beets!

The Dharma Bums, published a year after On the Road made Jack Kerouac a celebrity and a spokesperson for the Beat Generation. Sparked by his contagious zest for life, the novel relates the adventures of a group of Beatnik seeker – friends in a wild exploration of Buddhism, life on the road, and the search for Truth. By far his best novel and a must read for Zen Dharma Bums and spiritual seekers everywhere.

Work in the 21st Century

Chakra Sounds: Trance like toning to vibrate and strengthen each of the 7 main Chakras. The pitch increases as we ascend through the Chakras. Music by Karunesh. I often use this CD in Tantric Qigong and Chakra workshops. Very soothing and activating.

Shamanic Dream: Trance-like with good, solid bass drums. I have used this a lot in the past 15 years, especially for Tantric Qigong. The bass is very good for opening and stimulating the chakras and nerve endings in the feet. Very grounding. Highly recommended!

Music to Disappear in II is one of the finest music collections for Tantra, yoga, and movement. The transcultural trance-dances of Music to Disappear in II exemplify Raphael’s creative spirit. Click and have a listen.

Tantric Sexuality: Excellent CD for Tantric lovemaking. A slow trance-like groove, moderate & steady bass, and subtle breath sounds will extend & transform your lovemaking. Particularly good for pelvic exercises and learning mulabandha. I have used this in many Tantric Qigong and Tantra workshops. Click below to listen.

El Hadra: Long Trance form, zither, tabla, keyboards and synth. Good for Tantra, Trance Dance, massage and movement. I have used this is many Tantra, Qigong, and T’ai Chi classes. CD and MP3.

Angel Love: Two long, pure ambiences that float you on billows of slow, sweet synth and violin, heightened in places by tender piano, faraway voice & chimes. Pastel and cloud-like, like a slow-motion sunrise, Heart opening. I have used this extensively for heart chakra work. CD. LP, cassette, and MP3.

ChakraDancer: 8 tracks to stimulate the chakras by a series of rhythms using crystal bowls and samplers. Good for chakra massage / meditation, giving you 7+ minutes per chakra.

Trance Tara: A long form mantra to invoke Tara,  goddess of compassion. This mantra eliminates anxiety and creates a compassionate heart. Sections are ethearal and trance-like, others are more dynamic with strong drumming. Excellent! CD, cassette, MP3.

Mantras 2: A collection of beautiful and inspiring mantras including: Gate Gate, Sarawathi Mahalakshmi, Kodanda Rama / Hara Hara Ganga, Shakti Shakti Dhanyavad, Om Gam Ganapatayae, Shivam Shantamidyam, Om Dum Durgayai, Om Kreem Kaalikayai, and the hautingly beautiful Hear mantra of gratitude, Dhanyavad. CD and MP3.

Sacred Sonic Tools For open minded people who love music for healing. Iasos is one of the original founders of classical New Age music. This CD tool box is composed of individually programmable Sonic Tools along with a visually inspiring 64-page book in full color. The CD contains 15 different sound tools. The book features the application notes for the effective use of the tools along with special effect photography created by Iasos.  Excellent for emotional and somatic transmutation.

And the Stars Go With You: Deep Space Music with a special languid minimalism. The timbres and textures are surreal and warm, inviting you to go on a ride to the stars. A space music essential. Good for meditation, relaxing, and of course astral space travel.

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The Art of the Nude: Fine Photography for the those with discernment!

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