Bioenergetics Originating with Alexander Lowen, and based on the work of Wilhelm Reich, Bioenergetics contains aspects of both Western and Taoist practices. Like the masters of the East, Reich identified the primordial energy that resides within us (Qi, Chi, life force, Ki) and links us to the cosmos and called it “Orgone“. As fascinating a character as you’d ever want to meet, Reich was able to concentrate the Orgone and use it for everything from healing cancer to making it rain. He once ticked off Freud by claiming that one’s analysis wasn’t complete until one was able to have a full body orgasm. Reichian and Neo-Reichian based techniques recognize the central role played by activating and amplifying these core energies, however they differ in the order of opening the various components of the BodyMind to these energies.

Many neotantra teachers aggressively stimulate primal energies and Kundalini then attempt to have them rise safely up through the body’s Chakras to the head and outward into the energy bodies. Reichian traditions start with cognitive work, gentle energy channeling and lots of grounding positions to fully prepare the practitioner for increasingly higher amperages. Generally, the bodywork aspect begins with the head while pelvic and sexual work comes later in the process. This order of release opens the body’s channels gently to prepare oneself for the safe rise of Kundalini and the efficient release of somatic and psychic blockages. In addition, techniques for remaining present and facilitating non-judgmental communication serve to create a safe space for sharing, releasing, witnessing, and healing our inner wounds. So, to properly equip our evolutionary “vehicles” for this spiritual road trip, each traveler must select the correct options for that individual’s comfort and safety. Then, sit back and enjoy the ride! ©1998 Keith E. Hall.  All rights reserved.

Tantric release through chakras.

Tantric order of release - through chakras
Neo Reichian order of release

Neo Reichian release

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