Betty Friedan

Betty Friedan

Betty Friedan, one of the founders of the modern feminist movement, did much to elevate the Feminine to co-equality with the Masculine in American culture and politics. During the racial, political, and sexual conflicts of the 60’s, Friedan promoted pro-women positions on issues like equal pay, promotions, and maternity leave. Her work led to improving women’s lives worldwide.

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Betty Friedan, taoist tantra, tantric qigong, enlightenment, the 60's. women's movement, 8 treasuresIn her 1963 best seller “The Feminine Mystique,” Friedan asserted that women could have identities independent of gender roles determined by patriarchal unilateralism, a revolutionary concept during the years of the baby boom. “A woman has got to be able to say, and not feel guilty, `Who am I, and what do I want out of life?’ ” Friedan said. Her book eventually sold 3 million copies.

At the same time, Friedan insisted that the women’s movement accept men as allies and that the family should not be rejected. “Don’t get into the…anti-man, politics-of-orgasm school,” Friedan told a 1970 college audience, “For a great many women, choosing motherhood makes motherhood itself a liberating choice.”

In 1981 her book, “The Second Stage,” was seen as a break with the feminist leadership that succeeded her. Friedan believed they pursued “sexual politics that distorted the sense of priorities of the women’s movement…”

In Taoism, balance between the Masculine (Yang) and Feminine (Yin), is essential for physical, mental and spiritual health. These complements are also expressed as Heavenly / Earthly, Active / Receptive, Power / Surrender.

Moreover, the path to achieving egalitarianism and enlightened planetary health necessitates that these energies reach equilibrium in a significant percentage of individuals, thereby achieving both Personal Awakening and by extension, Social Enlightenment.

On social and political levels, Ms. Friedan was the ‘Goddess Who Made it So,’ catalyzing gender equality in a multitude of ways through her efforts.

Adi Shakti Om.

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