Benefits of Tantric Qigong

What are the Benefits of Tantric Qigong?

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Balancing the Body
— Gently increases physical strength
— Improves balance
— Increases vitality and life-force (Qi, Chi, Ki)
— Increases flexibility
— Remedies poor breathing habits, increases respiratory volume
— Improves posture and the body’s biomechanical alignment
— Can reduce backaches, headaches, TMJ syndrome
Slows the aging process
— Helpful for addictions
— Non impact Qigong can be helpful for arthritis
— Relief of fibromyalgia, plantar fasciitis, and other diseases of the musculo-skeletal system.
— Can help gastritis, constipation, poor digestion
— Strengthens the immune system
— Beneficial for insomnia
— Helps with menopause, PMS –  reported to restore estradiol levels in hypertensive menopausal women
— Reduces fatigue
— Good warm up for more strenuous exercise / sports, martial arts
— Can reduce the symptoms of allergies

Balances the Emotions
— Reduces irritability and symptoms of stress
— Empowers one to let go of anxiety
— Can be helpful for sadness, depression, and mood swings
— Facilitates an sense of emotional balance, empowerment, and stability
— Enables one to transmute negative emotions and recycle the inherent life force in a beneficial manner

The Mind
— Reduces mental fatigue
— Creates mental clarity
— Hones one’s ability to focus, helpful for some ADD / ADHD sufferers
— Unifies mind, body and emotions – helpful for getting you “in the zone”.
— Increases alertness
— Good preparation for meditation
— Helps keep one “on task”, increases productivity  © 2000 Keith E. Hall . All rights reserved.

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