The Persecution of and Reemergence of Tantrism

As an Age of Darkness descended on the world, persecution of those who possessed the secret of the erotic/divine connection soon followed, and continues to this day. From the 13th century Moslem invasion of Tantric temples that resulted in the wholesale slaughter of Tantrikas and destruction of manuscripts, to the burning of the books of Wilhelm Reich in 1957 New York, our left-brained patriarchal paranoia has until recently succeeded in suppressing this knowledge. The resultant war between our higher selves and society’s prejudices in this regard has led to our psyches being badly fragmented and the entire planet’s survival threatened.

Tantric Yab Yum

Tantric Yab Yum

Fortunately, the ancient prophecy that the full knowledge of the Tantric path would once again surface in the time of our most urgent planet-wide need seems to be unfolding. Interest in Tantra is growing exponentially and many forms of this age-old wisdom are being taught all over the world as the Yogic masters agree that Western culture is now mature enough to understand and integrate this esoteric practice. As a spiritual path for attaining union with God, Tantra accepts the body, senses, sexuality, and emotions to help us evolve spiritually. Tantra does not force us to make a choice between being spiritual or sexual and encourages us to fully enjoy the world we live in as a way to discover our higher nature. As we begin to realize our own Divinity, we can see the Divine in our beloved, in all people, in all of life.

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