A Woman’s Kriyas

A woman’s Kriyas

Q. Elizabeth: Just wanted to let you know that I found this exchange ( Kundalini Rush) incredibly interesting and enlightening. I occasionally have similar experiences, always either directly upon awakening or when in a completely relaxed tantric qigong, 8 treasures, eight section brocade, ba duan jin, 8 pieces of silk, 8 twists of silk, 8 brocades, qigong, self mastery, qigong for self mastery, qigong for enlightenment, enlightenment, self actualization, self realization, spiritual awakening, kriyas, kriya yoga, kundalini, kundalini yoga, kundalini awakening, kundalini activation, kundalini rising, meditation, kundalini meditation, wu wei, t'ai chi, t'ai chi chuan, qigong meditation, Vipassana, Zen, inner tranquility, inner peace, bioenergetics, neo-reichian, Reich, orgone, qi, chi, ki, vitality, life force, chakras, tumo, dumo, dantien. tan tien, hara, bagua, Taoism, taoist, taoist tantra, tantra, tantra yoga, stress, stress management, 10 minutes, 10 minute exercise, 10 minute stress, 1 minute stress management, 1 minute meditation,  60 second relaxation, personal growth, spiritual growth, yoga, Sifu, classes, instruction, workshops, seminars, Rockville, Gaithersburg, Aspen Hill, silver spring, Brookeville, sandy spring, Laytonsville, Potomac, Derwood, Montgomery County, Frederick, Germantown, Maryland, District of Columbia, Washington DC, guided meditation, visualization, self healing, qigong yoga, energy yoga, chakra yoga, chakra qigong, chakra chi kung, Chakra meditation, Howard County, Columbia, Frederick, Baltimore, Northern Virginia, Prince Georges County state…I have always simply attributed it to some of the best orgasms I have ever had – an incredible gift! Never really spent much time trying to analyze the experiences, just appreciate when it happens and hope like hell I will be blessed with another one again soon! What has always struck me as strange about the whole thing is that I am not aware of sexual dreams/thoughts or feelings prior to or while it happens.

I have learned over time how to lengthen the experience once it starts, but for the most part it runs the show all by itself. It has always been clear to me that while some part of it may indeed be rooted in sexuality, it seems to be generated completely in and/or through the mind…I have learned that sometimes I can “help” to lengthen the experience…the description given by this gentleman described my experiences very closely…

Rev. Hall
: So, is this experience associated with or related to any sexual activity, directly or indirectly? Prior to or after?

Elizabeth: Perhaps indirectly, who knows? … But not directly in any way that I am aware of…I do know that there is absolutely no comparison to these occurrences and any orgasm I have ever experienced previously. These are so much more whole and encompassing and involve so much more of my complete self.

Rev. Hall: So, would you say there is no sexual arousal at this time?

Elizabeth: Most definitely incredible sexual arousal, completely different than anything I have ever experienced before. AND – it never begins with sexual arousal; rather, always leads to it as one of the end results. The other end results are feeling completely sated unlike anything ever experienced before, and at the same time completely at peace in every way possible – all is right and harmonic in my little piece of the world, if only for a brief time.

Rev. Hall: Would you say that relaxing into, or surrendering to the experience is a component of how you “help” lengthen it?

Elizabeth: Absolutely – I have learned that it requires a complete surrender of both mind and body – as I said earlier, it seems to assume a total control all by itself if I let it. Just takes me away for a brief time – kind of like a mini-vacation to some unknown destination. There is no sense of time. It has never scared me or seemed negative in any way, as powerful as it may be.

Rev. Hall: Once the experience begins, would you characterize it as sexual in the genital sense, sexual in a more diffuse “all over the body” sense, or non sexually pleasurable energy “flows”?

Elizabeth: Most definitely the entire body…both sexual energy AND energy flows throughout every part of my body and, just as importantly, in my mind. The end result obviously consists of genital pleasure, but that is almost a “side-effect” of the whole body experience. I never have to touch myself in any way, although I always end up completely undulating in some strange fashion – sometimes it’s hard to remember afterward exactly how my body did respond, I just remember smooth, rhythmic and steady movement – which is definitely one of the things that increases the length of the experience. That is one of the aspects of it that has always amazed me – the fact that I do NOT have to touch myself in anyway, but simply surrender to the movements of my body. All I know is that I will be eternally grateful if I continue to occasionally receive what I have come to know is an amazing gift.

Rev. Hall: The parts of your experience that I would like to comment on are your being present with surrender, relaxing, trust, and a sense of harmony and unification of mind and body.  © 2006 Keith E. Hall Inner-Tranquility.com , All rights reserved.

Part 2: Relaxing, Surrender, and Trust

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